grocery store tourA Virtual Grocery Store Tour: Getting The Most Nutrition Out Of Your Food Shopping Experience $5.99

This PowerPoint Presentation will work on a PC and MAC (if you have Keynote installed). Files will be delivered via e-mail within 48 hours of purchase.  This product is perfect for anyone who needs help navigating a grocery store while purchasing nutritious foods. Included is 67 full color slides with beautiful pictures and text. Content includes what to do to get prepared for your shopping trip, what proportions of food to buy, discussions about food types like meat, seafood, dairy, vegetables, cheese, eggs, tofu. Also included is a discussion of fresh compared to processed foods, calories and convenience foods.

“The Grocery Store Tour presentation by Gretchen Scalpi is a great resource for anyone who is leaving home for the first time. I’ve been grocery shopping on my own for a while and I learned so much that I didn’t know before! Every parent should get this as a gift when they send their children out into the world for the first time as an adult to make sure that they make nutritious choices at the grocery store.”

– Alex Dupuy, Student, UC Riverside

“The Virtual Grocery Store Tour is a very informative, yet easy way to learn how to purchase healthy foods and maneuver the grocery store isles. Registered Dietitian Gretchen Scalpi guides the viewer through each section of the grocery store, from start to finish, and gives tips and directions throughout on how to choose healthier options. This tour gives the viewer tips on overall healthy shopping but also goes into depth on how to choose between different food options. Scalpi not only teaches the viewer what is healthy and what is not, but she explains why certain options are more beneficial to health. In this tour Scalpi recognizes individual differences and preferences and gives tips for those who follow different diets, such as vegetarian, low fat, lactose free, etc. She outlines healthy meat alternatives to still obtain sufficient protein, explains how to find lower fat options for some of your favorite foods, gives tips on buying dairy products that are lactose free, and more! After going through this tour, the viewer will feel much more comfortable and competent in healthy grocery shopping. One of the best parts about this tour is that the viewer does not feel like they are deprived from the foods that they enjoy, because Scalpi outlines healthy alternatives for all your favorite foods, making this tour beneficial for everyone. “

– Jaclyn Forbes